Acme Burlesque

June 6th, 2013
MainLine Theatre

co-produced by Seska Lee and Shayne Gryn

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Andrea Hausmann Photography

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The Montreal Burlesque Social Club is the brainchild of Miss Seska Lee. With the Montreal Burlesque Social Club she wishes to showcase the art of the tease through the production of neo-vaudeville inspired cocktail parties as well as cabarets, workshops and presentations.

Her vision for this club is for it to bring together Montreal's burlesque community so they can enjoy opportunities for cultural exchange and social revelerie as well as be titillated and inspired in the process.

There is a yearly membership fee of $20 to belong to The Montreal Burlesque Social Club. Your membership will allow you to receive 20% discount as well premium seating when available at certain events. As the club grows we will be looking to offer more goodies to our members.

The Montreal Burlesque Social Club is a non-profit organization. Proceeds from the events cover expenses including honorariums to guest speakers and performers with any profits made going to Head and Hands (non-profit organization offering health, legal and social services to Montreal youth).


Please send your inquiries for membership or any other issue to


We are looking for English to French translation services for our website and other documents.

Would you like to be a burlesque performer, but do not know where to begin? Many ladies began as stage kittens. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the best and ease your way into the spotlight. We are looking for one or two to help out at events. You must be able to work well with a team, take direction, and handle costuming and performer egos with gentle love and care.

about the team

Seska Lee - producer, hostess & performer

photo credit: Andrea Hausmann
hair: Antoine Binet Jolicoeur
mua: Christelle Souverbie

A neo-burlesque performer and producer since 2003, Seska Lee first made a name for herself in Montreal as part of the duo The Coral Lees. They produced two unique and successful shows: The Cotton Candy Cabaret and The Spring Roll Revue. In 2007 Miss Lee co-produced a series of theatrical burlesque shows with Miss Sugarpuss based around their misadventures running Mountainland's The Home for Wayward Girls. In 2008 they were joined by L. Diablo to form the trio Team Burlesque. Together they produced a series of late night burlesque shows at MainLine Theatre as well as performed together at many other local shows and venues. Miss Lee has appeared solo at various Montreal and Toronto burlesque shows including The Montreal Burlesque Festival, The Grand Burlesque Show, and The Scandelle's Les Demimondes.